Bible Talk: Mark 1-8: Who is this Man?

The Ruler We Need

Mark 4:35 - 5:43

Joshua Wheeler



Jesus is the Ruler with the Power of God:

  • The Calming of the Waters, Mark 4:39
    • Genesis 1 - only God can bring about order.
  • Casting out the Demon, Mark 5:3 & 8
    • Power & Authority of God.
    • Mark 4:17 - the people are afraid of Him.
    • Rulers with Power during that time were thought to be like Caesar.
      • Rule over others, command and oppress.
    • Jesus is the Ruler with the Power of God.
  • The Ruler Jarius
    • Mark 5:22
  • The Woman with Bleeding
    • Mark 5:25-26, 32-33.
    • Jesus doesn't act the way that the people think.
      • Jesus responds with blessing.
  • Jesus uses His Power to restore the broken, even all the way up to the cross.
  • Jesus restores and fulfils our ultimate need for forgiveness and restoring                                 our friendship with God
  • Have Faith in this Ruler
  • Tell the World about this Ruler

Who is this Man? He is the Ruler this world needs.