Bible Talk: Mark 1-8: Who is this Man?

One or the Other

Mark 6: 1-44

Roger Cunningham


The gathered crowds.

  • The apostles coming back together after being sent out to tell the people to repent

Those who didn't recognise Jesus as King - deny and reject

The Compassionate Shepherd

  • leads and protects
  • God describes His chosen leaders as shepherds and His people are described as like sheep.

2 Kings, 2 Meals, 2 very different outcomes

  • Herod kills John the Baptist to protect his honour
  • Jesus has compassion and mercy, feeding the 5000 and having more left over than needed

The King foreshadowed by Moses

So many don't recognise, but instead reject Jesus, no matter how much they are told they still reject Him

We are called to:   

  • Recognise
  • Repent
  • Rejoice
  • Repeat

Mark 1:15 - preach repentance