Bible Talk: Mark 1-8: Who is this Man?

Jesus Opposed

Mark 2:13 - 3:35

Roger Cunningham


The struggle for power

Jesus' authority - leading to opposition

The opposition

Mark 2:13-17 - Jesus having lunch with sinners

Mark 2: 18-22 - Fasting laws - Why? Authority and power struggle

Mark 2:23-27 - Picking grain on the Sabbath

Mark 3:1-6 - Healing on the Sabbath - opposed

Mark 3:6 - plot to get back their 'authority'

Mark 3:21

Lord, liar or lunatic.

Authority, deceiver or lost grip on reality

Mark 3:22 - battle for authority and power

Their hope is to discredit or kill

We all want our power and authority before God, Mark 1:15

Repent and Believe, the King has come.

The Messiah

Mark 2:17 - Jesus is the sin doctor

Isaiah 29:18-19

Mark 2:19


calling the NEW Kingdom

Mark 3:7-10, 13-19.

the evil spirits acknowledge who Jesus is.

Mark 3:28-29 - avoid at all costs, rejecting the Holy Spirit is unforgivable

How do We Respond? - question, deny or submit to God

Pride leads to sin. Jesus invites us all to freedom.

Mark 3:33-36 - Rely on Jesus