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Come and join us for this fantastic opportunity to hear from Dr Patricia Weerakoon. Patricia is a medical doctor, academic, sexologist and writer. She retired in 2012 after a career as director of an internationally renowned graduate program in sexual health at the University of Sydney. Since then she has pursued her passion for writing and public speaking. Come to all three seminars, or a selection. Each will include a question and answer time. Stay for afternoon tea and/or dinner between the sessions. You will also be able to purchase Patricia’s gold-standard guides for good sex for all ages. Read below for more details of each session.

Childminding is available for the first two seminars. If required please register early.

Registration for childminding and dinner will close on Saturday 24th August.


"Sex education and the cybergeneration"

2.30pm - 4.00pm

Children of today are the most digitally connected, socially informed, advertised and sexualised generation that ever walked this earth.
As significant adults in their lives you have to be aware of their social environment. Whether as parents, grandparents, carers, youth leaders, or family friends, you need to play your part in fostering a trusting relationship with them if you want them to grow as whole sexually healthy human beings capable of making informed decisions about life. Ignorance is no longer an option. You are their primary sex educators.
Patricia Weerakoon, a Christian, sexologist, and author will explore with you the challenges of sex education of children in a super-sexualised cyber world.
She will look at recent research on the adolescent brain and consider how you as parents and members of the church family understand and counter common myths of identity, sexuality and gender.

Afternoon Tea 4 - 4.30pm


"Sex, gender and Jesus"

4.30pm - 6.00pm

Trans, Bi, Pansexual, Agender, Fluid – Do these terms confront? confuse? How should we respond to these issues? This presentation overviews three perspectives on sex and gender – medical, social, and Biblical – proposing that a model of gender identity informed by all three will truly lead to holistic personal and social well-being.
The discussion will conclude by exploring how Christians, who believe the Biblical-theological perspective of gender as an aspect of being embodied images of our creator God, can respond in compassion to people with gender confusion without in any way compromising their conviction of the Biblical-theological view and teachings.

Dinner 6-7pm

(light meal: $10, indicate on registration)

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"Sex: Science, the world and the Word"

7.00pm - 8.30pm

Culture, social media and your friends challenge you to live a life of personal self-focussed gratification. Whether it be sex, or any other part of your life: it is your right, you are told, it is your life and your body, you choose what you like to do, even to be. Is this true? Is there no moral or spiritual truth?
What about Science? Does it contradict the Bible? Are we just a bundle of hormones? Or do we choose what we do with our feelings and desires?
Patricia explores recent research on sexual desire (eros), attraction (love) and long-term attachment (sexual intimacy) and current cultural mores on sex. She provides a Christ focussed Biblical model of healthy sexuality and marriage to help interrogate and challenge both science and culture in the domain of desire, love and relationships