What happens at a church service?

Sunday church meetings are a bit like the family hangout of God’s people. There are a few different things that we do in a typical Sunday meeting:

Hear from God: As we meet together we want to listen to God speak, so the Bible is read aloud from the front and a speaker spends some time exploring the things we read together and how they apply to our lives.

Talk to God: We spend some time talking to God in prayer, usually led by someone out the front.  Sometimes there is a chance for anyone who wants to, to pray – but no one is required to pray out loud.

Sing together: We spend some time singing some songs that remind us about who God is and what he’s done. There are really only two places that Australians sing together; at the football and at church – that’s because football and God are two things that people get passionate about!

Food, Coffee and a Chat: After each service (monthly at 8am Church) we stick around to enjoy Morning Tea or Supper together. This is a chance to find out more informally about what’s going on in each other’s lives, how we can pray for and encourage each other. It’s a chance to meet new people or to ask the speaker some more questions. Hang around, grab a coffee or tea and a bit of slice and meet some new people.

Other Things: Some weeks we say a ‘creed’ together. This is a short statement which sums up some of the big and important things Christians believe. Once every six weeks (every second week at 8am Church) we celebrate the Lord’s Supper together, which is about remembering Jesus’ death for us and is fully explained at the time.

WHo is welcome at epac?

Emu Plains Anglican Church aims to be a place where people can ‘check out Jesus’ and ask questions, so everybody is welcome to come along – Christian or not.

If you’ve got honest questions or issues then nobody is going to be offended by you asking them, whatever they are. Our leaders have access to books and other resources that might be of benefit to you and are more than happy to sit down over coffee or lunch to talk about your questions. We want to be as helpful as we can in helping you to know about God and what he is doing in the world through Jesus.

WHAt service should i come to?

All of our services have a slightly different 'flavour'.
8am is more 'classic', with hymns and formal readings.
9:30am is very popular with families, so we do a Kids Spot and run our Creche (infants) and Kids Church program (K-6).
Night Church at 6:30pm is particularly popular with younger adults and high schoolers.

Will I have to say / do / give anything?

No. At all of our services we regularly have visitors coming simply to check out what happens at church, and that’s totally fine with us! You are our guest, which means that you won’t be put on the spot or asked to do anything you are uncomfortable with.

If you're at 8am Church a collection of money will be taken during the meeting, but this is for regular members to allow them to contribute financially to God’s work – we do not expect our guests to donate money.

What should I wear to church?

There is no need to dress up or wear anything special for church. Regular casual wear is fine.
If you’d wear it to the shops, you can wear it to church!

How long does church go for?

We try to start on time and plan for the service (including morning tea/supper) to go for about 1.5 hours.
You’re free to stay as long as you like to chat and enjoy your conversations and coffee!

What do children do at sunday church?

We love having Children at all of our Sunday church services! They are always welcome, even if they make a bit of noise 🙂

Our 9:30am service is particularly popular with families, so we have a great Creche and Kids Church program running during the 9:30am Church service.

Children who are not keen to go to the Kids Church Program are most welcome to stay with their parents for the duration of the service. A Parents Room is available at the back of the Auditorium with comfortable lounges if your child is restless or needs feeding.